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  • Reading: Spring In Fialta by Vladimir Nabokov
The title pretty much says it all. I think I haven't been here, on my account, for roughly about a year. Kind of scary! I have a lot to say now, so I might as well just launch into it:


1. Skills
I hardly know how to do the simplest HTML things anymore, because there wasn't any need to do it outside of deviantART. I am just beginning to remember it now. Italicized, bolded anyone? (Yeah, I forgot underlined. If that even exists?)

2. Life-Consuming Platform
Evidently, my main Internet kick used to be deviantART. Now it's Tumblr. Yes, yes, I have gone over to the dark side. Ask me for my URL, and I may tell it to you, if you still wish to know the heartless, soulless girl who betrayed and left you for over a year. (The reason I'm not just putting it out here is because I have this personal policy that nobody--almost nobody anyway--that I know in real life should not know my Tumblr URL. It is a very personal thing. I do not want any interference from reality while I am on there. Not that I'm pretending to be anything other than me on my blog, but it's just that I want my privacy.)

3. Location on Planet Earth
So basically I moved. Did I ever mention that? I think perhaps I did. I'm in Michigan now, and I am attending the #1 IB Public High School in the nation. It is very small. The people are very nice. I take tests. I bike to school. I have friends. Life (at least from the viewpoint of summertime) is going well for me right now.

4. Less Internet Paranoia
Sometime between then and now, I decided that I really don't care if somebody tracks me down from the Internet, comes into my room into the middle of the night and stabs me to death. I've watched too much Supernatural, and, also, I think it's time I joined the masses and throes of people who would gladly put their blood types up on the Interwebs. Nah, not really. But expect less ambiguity from me from now on, whether for better or for worse.

5. General Personality
I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I was quite immature and young back in the old day. Not that I'm technically any better now, seeing as I am just one year older than I was, but of course psychologically and mentally it feels as if it has been a decade. I've changed quite a lot. I read intellectual books. I'm subscribed to Newsweek and Forbes. I'm contemplating journalism and business/economics as possible future majors. I have tried to cut the mainstream out of my music choices. I dress better. I am in general, I think, quite different now.

6. Newest Obsessions, Updates, etc.
Alright. Let's go into the alphabet here.
a) I discovered Supernatural (aforementioned), White Collar, Tron, and other stuff. I am now a Grade A fangirl.
b) I am at a summer camp right now. Northwestern University, anybody?
c) I think I may be actually getting to like running. As in, exercise. Actual, deliberate, self-inflicted exercise.
d) I have progressed immensely academically this past year. The International Baccalaureate is no joke, let me just tell you that. I have a very mangled GPA due to the heightened courses at my school (all Honors, and I am in Advanced Math--pretty hilarious, because the damn truth is I am hideous at it), and my dreams of a 4.0 have been terribly, prematurely shattered--but, alas! Shit happens. I will continue to strive forwards.
e) I have also started taking piano extremely seriously these past two years. It is mostly due to my wonderful, to-some-extent-famous piano teacher (she writes books and coaches national champions. No pressure at all, huh?). My heart goes out to her, for having to suffer through teaching me for that long, dear gods. I'm just hoping that maybe, maybe now, our combined efforts can finally pay off into me actually accomplishing something. Especially in such a musically competitive state as Michigan, it is going to be very hard to even advance to state finals. But that's basically my goal before I graduate.

So. Um. Yeah. I think that's pretty much it! Chat me up, if you guys are still there, because it's sure been a while. I missed deviantART. It was my first official Internet gathering-place-home-haven, and I think that, because of that, some part of me will always hold onto that. Am I getting too cheesy? Okay. Okay then. It's 1 a.m., so I should probably get to bed. My roommate's getting ready to sleep anyway. I'm going to Michigan Avenue in Chicago tomorrow, so that should be fun. See you guys!
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July 21, 2012